Was my favorite reddit app, until it started to significantly drain my battery – BaconReader for Reddit Review

I noticed a few days ago that my phone battery would go from 100 to 20% by noon with minimal use. I checked my battery usage in the settings and noticed that for this app, with 5 min on screen, there was 12 HOURS of background activity. What is it doing? Mining bitcoin or something? Yes my background app refresh is off, but I usually leave the app open and just switch apps, which has worked for me for the most part and no other apps have such significant background activity usage. I don’t want to explicitly close all my apps after I’m done using them just because of this issue. But if you are already used to doing that, this app will probably work fine for you. So I’ve deleted the app and have decided I will look for another app to browse Reddit with. Now my battery is at 80% at noon.
Review by itsmhuang8 on BaconReader for Reddit.

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