I was made feel unsafe and charged for it – Uber - Request a ride Review

I was going to miss my flight out of Paris because the driver didn’t follow the route his navigation system gave him. I booked another flight but it was from a different Paris airport so I needed to turn around I told him my issue and told him that I’m trying to change it on the Uber app as he just kept driving further and further away from where I now needed to go. The Uber app was no letting me change the destination even though it provided the option to do so. I asked the driver to pull over so I could cancel my ride and he refused. He wouldn’t let me out of the car and he got onto the highway. I needed to be out of the car and he wouldn’t let me. I contacted my friends and family to tell them and I was told to cancel my ride. I cancelled the ride because I had no other choice since he would not let me out of his vehicle. He continued driving and then starting yelling at me about owing him money since he kept driving against my will. I then tried to discuss with Uber through the app where I got very little to none help. Two months later I am being charged a €62 cancellation fee for the DRIVERS inconvenience. I was very unconvinced by him not letting me out of the car and being taken further away from my destination after I had asked 15-20 times to be let out of the car and then screamed at. The distance I was taken after I asked to stop ended up charging me €110. I was charged extreme amounts for no reasonable cause, I was made feel unsafe and in danger and I was put in a very bad place.
Review by paristraveller2020 on Uber - Request a ride.

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