Not for professionals – GarageBand Review

If your looking for something that’s going to sound clean and has quality sound and pluggins this isn’t what your looking for. The main reason for three stars is the fact it doesn’t have pitch bend or any modifiable filter mods, just a live fx table I personally find a little difficult to use. The other reason is it only allows around 30 or so tracks at once in a project which makes the production of a full legitimate song very difficult. I understand that it can be harder on your phones operating system but in my opinion there should at least be a setting for that. I also found that there was a lack of sounds, for example: I couldn’t find a proper 80s snare for the life of me in both loops and drum machines which is essential to producing any type of synthwave. Also if you looking to mix or balance anything, good luck. It’s nearly impossible. The sound carries over even with volume automation down especially if your using the stock reverb or echo in track settings. It also tends to get very buggy the bigger you project gets. There’s also a *lot of bugs with volume automation. Long story short it’s great and user friendly for beginners looking to learn the basics and start making their first tracks, but if your an experienced producer I wouldn’t recommend. One thing I can add is if you have $30 laying around there’s a pretty good synth you can download for it. But I’d go with a more expensive setup on pc like ableton or fl studio if you want to take this seriously
Review by 90lemurs on GarageBand.

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