Good but too short and difficult – Year Walk Review

The game a really good and thought out. I loved the style and music. I think it was so cool to incorperate folklore into this game and I wish there were more games like this but there were a few issues. The game was really short and expensive. I’d understand the price if the game was longer but it’s only a hour long, that is if you don’t get too confused. And I wish that you could experience it for a little bit longer. The game was also VERY confusing and difficult. I was very stuck on the part when you follow the Huldra into the tree and ended up deleting the game 3-4 times to get a fresh start and make sure I didn’t miss anything. I was also stuck on the part where you give the mylings to the kelpie (brook’s horse) and ended up spending about an hour trying to get the mylings, and 2 days trying to get out of the tree thing. Although the game was great, it would’ve been better if it was longer, less expensive, or less difficult.
Review by Ashely? on Year Walk.

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