Good but too short and difficult – Year Walk Review

The game a really good and thought out. I loved the style and music. I think it was so cool to incorperate folklore into this game and I wish there were more games like this but there were a few issues. The game was really short and expensive. I’d understand the price if the game was longer but it’s only a hour long, that is if you don’t get too confused. And I wish that you could experience it for a little bit longer. The game was also VERY confusing and difficult. I was very stuck on the part when you follow the Huldra into the tree and ended up deleting the game 3-4 times to get a fresh start and make sure I didn’t miss anything. I was also stuck on the part where you give the mylings to the kelpie (brook’s horse) and ended up spending about an hour trying to get the mylings, and 2 days trying to get out of the tree thing. Although the game was great, it would’ve been better if it was longer, less expensive, or less difficult.
Review by Ashely🦋 on Year Walk.

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