Fun but it needs more – Pearl's Peril - Hidden Objects Review

I love this type of games and I really like this game a lot and I used to play it years ago and I download it again a month ago. Please try to find a solution for the jamming because it keeps reloading and I keep losing energy. Make the game a little harder and raise the points so i can get more coins. There is not much things to buy to raise my pink flower so i can open more levels. Also i want to redecorate my town but every time I press something it open another thing and that make me mad. And why is the only way to get tickets is by buying them or wining the challenge i mean like i have 3 tickets and i have to play more than that to just get 5 tickets at the end and then there is more to play and i have so little ? please develop it more and more because I really like it and I don’t want to delete it.
Review by Jumanh.k on Pearl's Peril - Hidden Objects.

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