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I am very disappointed in this company they charged me $175 to open an office door I have had to use locksmith too many times and this was one of the most expensive locksmith I have ever used I have always paid under $100. I would understand it if it was a hard job it took the technician 30 seconds to get in I would also understand if it was before 8 o’clock or after 9 o’clock at night it was 8:45 in the morning I will never use this company again and if anybody ever asked me I certainly would not recommend this. I called the company to talk to the owner instead I got a manager and they seemed like they didn’t care. I’m sorry if I was a small business owner I would certainly try to make my customer happy and to have them come back as repeat customers. They really need to work on their customer service and let the customer know the prices before hand not slap them with a outrageous bill.
Review by Ilene45 on Google Maps - Transit & Food.

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