A Goldilocks App – Enlight Review

Enlight hits the sweet spot between power and complexity. It is a perfect photo editor for those who want an elegant, intuitive interface, smooth workflow, and a very capable selection of tools - without getting bogged down in the layering and stuff of more powerful editors. This app is my go-to for several processes, and is an integral part of my workflow. I’m very unhappy to see that it will no longer be supported, ESPECIALLY when I’m also being pushed to subscription model - the reason I left Adobe for Affinity, et al. Photofox scrambles Enlight’s beautiful interface, and adds layers - complexity that most of us already use other apps for - and slaps on a ludicrous price tag. Attention competitors! Enlight was a Goldilocks app that filled its niche better than anything I’ve used. Lightricks is abandoning that niche, and I for one will be looking for an app to fill it.
Review by Jinx Dinkum on Enlight.

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