Upgrade link? Seriously?? – Enlight Review

It would be REALLY GREAT if you guys could take some resources away from rearranging and hiding Photofox features and have Enlight detect when someone has both Enlight and Photofox installed so that they (we!) don’t get that obnoxious upgrade pop up every day. Other developers’ apps have done it, Readdle for one. It’s insulting to the people who spent the money to upgrade, but still want a proper straighten tool. So those of us who already have Photofox now have to endure an upgrade link to accidentally tap in the original version of Enlight? Why not make that an option or remove it for those who already have Photofox. Conveniently, this is not mentioned in the release notes. I guess I should expect some kind of popups in the near future nagging me to upgrade to Photofox. I’d delete Enlight, but it allows landscape-orientation editing and has a proper, granular straighten tool - something you refuse to add to Photofox (yes, I’m going to keep hammering about this since I paid $40 for it).
Review by otterman on Enlight.

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