Grindy but not bad – CHRONO MA:GIA Review

First I never write reviews but I thought I’d put my opinion down. First of all, this game is really underdeveloped in many ways and it definitely doesn’t revolutionize anything. However. It’s definitely not bad as a newer game. My main beef with the game is the way you have to grind day and night to rank in the top tiers which is how most are capable of getting the better rewards. For that you really just need one of the “meta decks” which includes a select few meta cards as well as the time out of your week to grind around 100 TP (tournament points) every day. It’s relatively annoying but the devs are generous with giving out free card packs so it’s definitely possible to build a tier 3-1 deck depending on your luck with your first few freeish packs. After that it all goes downhill. If your first few packs didn’t offer the cards to build a deck that’s compatible in the current meta it’s harder to gain altitude in free matches and tourneys.
Review by PlumpySmile on CHRONO MA:GIA.


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