Mr. Slot – DoubleDown Casino Slots Games Review

One problem with this casino is moving the slots to the left in order to play other slots further to the right. The problem is that many times when I place my finger on the screen to slide the slots to the left, my finger will unintentionally touch a slot machine and then that machine will come up on the screen. I didn’t want to play that machine. If I had slid far to the left in order to play a slot deep to the right and that machine comes up on the screen, I then have to cancel it which then takes me back to the beginning. There should be an arrow that one can touch that would then move the slots one position to the left and one could then move the slots without accidentally bringing to the screen a slot that is not wanted. Other than this, the casino slots are are fun to play. MAKE THE CHANGE. If they do then this casino will be fantastic.
Review by Downhome Xavier on DoubleDown Casino Slots Games.

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