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Hai however decides to read this! My Minecraft username is UnicornEve23 🦄 anyways I have been playing Minecraft for 6 years 💗 (I was five) I loved it the second i started, of course there were somethings I didn't know but I learned and it was a great experience and im glad I still play😂It has changed so much and most for the better!! More animals,mobs,blocks,ect🌌Some great suggestions to make the game more creative..1: If you can dye water (bye that I mean we could put it in a cauldron and dye the water and pick it up in a empty bucket and the water could be colorful) 2: If you can copy certain parts of a world and paste it into a different one (same with the whole world) 3: Adding different dogs//wolfs (Example: Pug, Poodles, etc) 4: If u purchase a texture pack I think there should be different biomes included like on the candy texture one of the biomes could be a gingerbread biome instead of one of the normal ones..Thats all the suggestions I have, now im just gonna add on to y Minecraft is great☺️Well as a person who's played for 6yrs it has been a great experience learning about Minecraft and about building, building for me was a challenge cause I was very basic, as I started watching Minecraft YouTube video's and tutorial to me just made me think how much that grew the community and made Minecraft more interesting🏆Minecraft was and still is my favorite game and that will never change i have always played with friends even before the XboxLive update and it just made everything more fun!!🍍Now I have friends I play with everyday like MaioPanda06 AriC2017 and LemonSwirl3000 the community has gotten so much larger and I totally recommend everyone to get this game and yea now it is a $6.99 purchase but its worth it even if you get bored some days you'll still love it just like I do❣️ LY MINECRAFT
Review by UnicornEve23 on Minecraft.

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