The First AAA Mobile Game – Infinity Blade Review

Infinity Blade (2011) is arguably the first mobile game that can be said to be crafted with the same care and polish that would a console game. Without a doubt, it revolutionized the mobile gaming industry. It stunned players with its visuals, production value, and responsive gameplay that were originally thought to be incompatible with a mobile phone’s operating system. At first glance, the game appears to be a simple hack and slash title; however, there is much more to the combat-based title than meets the eye. Infinity blade’s well crafted narrative sets the scene well for its dueling warriors as players unfold the cryptic mystery of the infinity blade through an excellent player-based progression system in its infinitely looped gameplay. Infinity blade excellently encapsulates the idea of “easy to learn, but hard to master.” You can engage with infinity blade’s fun and well designed swordplay with just your index finger; but don’t fooled: your enemies will put up a good fight and become progressively stronger as you complete more and more of the games repeating “bloodlines.” Leveling up and mastering multiple swords, armor, magic rings, and shields are all par for the course in this title. The addictive nature of this game must be played to be understood. Infinity blade definitely has the “just one more game” effect that will keep you playing for more than you probably should be - a testament to Epic Games and Chair’s excellent design work. To this day, the Infinity Blade series arguably remains one of the few large-scale mobile titles that veers away from intrusive pay to win mechanics. While the option to purchase the games currency (gold) with real world money is available, there is literally no need to pay to progress whatsoever in this title (an opinion from a guy who plays this game too much). With free DLC and IOS support for new devices almost a decade later, the Infinity Blade team listens and takes great care of its community. Despite being one of the few gaming apps that does not operate under the freemium monetization model, all games in the infinity blade series are undoubtedly worth their very low entry price in this humble man’s opinion. Stop reading this review and go uncover the mystery behind the deathless and the infinity blade!
Review by TheGonzie on Infinity Blade.

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