Great!!! But needs a bit of improvement – Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker Review

I noticed that Flo has constantly been deleting comments that don’t need to be deleted. Also, please add more chat rooms, it’s really helpful asking for advice and hearing others ask what your to why to ask. Also, you should add more symptoms. That’s all for what I have to say. Thanks for reading! EDIT: Ok you know what I’m sick of it Flo. Girls on here wake up feeling horrible and need advice. It’s your fault because you haven’t added more chat rooms, and none that are really relevant either!! Maybe you should change it to where we make our own chat rooms. Because girls can’t get the help they need because you guys keep deleting comments. And guess what? I’m freakin sick and tired of it. I know your gonna keep on saying “please email this to our customer support team” or whatever because you don’t want the bad reviews. Too late, because we are coming. -Kat
Review by Kat-Lee-Meow on Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker.

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