Decent app! – Rainy Mood Review

I got this app because I loved & used the website so much. It has a few different rain environment(?) settings.. ocean, classic, cafe & country side.. the particular sounds can be customized to your liking (i.e. you can turn the thunder down or make it louder than the rain/other sounds in comparison). It plays in the background so it doesn’t stop with the pause/play as the music app would in the control center which I actually like. I can’t even remember how much I paid for it - $2 or $3. I wish it had more rainy settings like some others have said rain on the window, or a more intense thunderstorm, or even another version of the classic sound. You can tell it’s the same (short) track on repeat but it’s calming nonetheless. Android phones give you all this and then some for free :( ... overall not bad.
Review by Instagram ~ itscadence on Rainy Mood.

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