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I love this app, but with the last few updates it was too many changes that didn’t make sense. I picked this app because it was easy. It worked the way I wanted. Somethings were fine the way it was. • My reminder that I set five days before my period starts doesn’t work • It doesn’t tell me when I’m late • I send an email and Flo support tells me to connect them after July 4th because they on vacation, really!!!! • It should be a chat board, it seems like it was something starting up, but I guess that died off. • I saw that the reminder is set a couple days before the period starts. A couple means 2 and periods can come on a few days before. After reaching out to the support team, I get this disrespectful email. The email is telling me that the problems I’m having is the day any time setting on my phone, I might have on power save mode and I might have an app that’s blocking Flo app, WHAT!!! Then it goes on talking I didn’t log my cycle in. I never talked about my cycle with them to be in a discussion about it. Rather them saying they will fix the problems, it’s my fault. I had this app for two years, how dare you. I was just asking to fix the minor things and that’s the response I get.
Review by Tekkamae on Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker.

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