Remarkable. Fast. Simple. – Coda Review

After endless searches on the App Store for a mobile coding app that supports YAML and JSON formatting, I've found it. After a few uses, I've discovered the many features that this app provides, and let me say that there's absolutely no possible way to say how much I love this app. I've worked as an Minecraft server admin and developer for several years, and sadly the program I used before this got removed 😭...but hope wasn't lost, because Coda definitely brought my mobile capabilities back to life. Not only is it full of neat features like previews, permissions, full FTP support, and a find/replace tool, but they're also easy to find and use! I've never seen anything easier! I hope this app will keep its support into the future, and that it continues to be complex yet simple for all.
Review by simsnet1 on Coda.

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