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Ok so...just to let you know, this game is very short...like...47 or 30 mins long..but man...that short ride was brilliant. So first off , I found this game while I was searching for *Pixel games* in the App Store and...all I found was crap...some good, mostly crap. While I was scrolling down trying to find something REMOTELY interesting, this game caught my eye with its title. As going into this game without knowing anything from the developers I thought “ Oh look! A pixel game that seems pretty interesting and probably something really fun“ then I pre-order it IMMEDIATELY! While I was watching a YouTube video the next day, my tablet said... the game can now be played* And I was excited.... BUT HOLY CRAP! I mean I DEFINITELY wasn’t expecting this from a pixel game. A PIXEL GAME OF ALL THINGS! (Well more like an 8 bit style....but that’s just me) I appreciate it don’t get me wrong but....WHAT?! Like, this game is....something else. It’s like a game that looks bland, boring, and uninspired for someone who plays Fortnite all the time, but...it’s something special. Like, I DEFINITELY won’t spoil the game, *despite how short it is* but I will talk about what to expect...or learn...you choose. This game gives us a life lesson about your loved ones, about who we are, and about...well life in general. And no that’s not a spoiler. I don’t care if it is so short, this game gets 5 stars just for its story and message to kids, adults...and heck even me. And I’m gosh darn 12 years old who looks like Stephen Curry, and Clay Thompson who is light skin (me) or peach (me) for crying out loud. (Why did I said that?) And I can tell you right now, that message will always be near and dear to my heart until the day I perish. I won’t spoil the message, but man it’s just...heart touching. And I’m really hoping the developers will make another. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil it for you *despite how short it is* ..play it..and you will see. I really hope kids will play this game and stop playing Fortnite all the time to experience something amazing. Good Job Developers A+. Oh...there is more games from this developer...well oh boy am I in for a good time. Spoilers: Yes I am. It seems most of these developers games are very good and fun. Oh Boy. Now if you excuse me...I-I’m gonna play more games from the developers. PEACE OUT GIRL SCOUTS!
Review by XenoBest on Town of Tides.

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