😡😂😡 – DoubleDown Casino Slots Games Review

Saved my paltry free coins for days. Only to have 40 spins and all yielded ZERO. Hysterical. This app has some of the best slots, but has the WORST free coin bonus, the WORST payouts (aka, zero), and must have the worst reputation, too. Rigged more than actual casino machines. Please don’t spend your real money on pretend coins. It’s a big ol’ rip-off. Maybe try “Lucky Win Slots”, “Slots Fortune”, or “Heart of Diamonds”. The games are sorta silly plays on real casino games, so are kinda boring, BUT free coins are given hourly and you can actually win enough to play all the time using free coins only (but the drawback is a boatload of ads!)
Review by GC#007 on DoubleDown Casino Slots Games.

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