Lost account. Bad support. – Zombie Gunship Survival Review

I reached level 30, got a 5 star legendary Gatling and two heavy cannons. That’s a lot of playing time! I used to play this game on a daily basis. Two weeks ago, I opened the app and I noticed that my account had suddenly disappeared. I was back to the tutorial. I contacted the technical support and after providing them with some information about my account, they told me that my account was restored and I just had to open the app and walk through the tutorial. That’s what I did, but at the end nothing! I was back to level 1 with a new account. I had multiple email exchanges with them and each time they would tell me that my account was restored. Every time, I would open the app, go through the tutorial and always end up with a new account. Eventually, they stopped responding to my requests. That’s a very disappointing experience. First, they lost my account and then they were unable to restore it or at least give me sufficient information to restore it.
Review by Noel Flanchard on Zombie Gunship Survival.

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