Great, But... – iHealth Gluco-Smart Review

It worked like a charm for nearly six months and then the app refused (and continues to refuse) to scan the QR code on a new bottle of strips. This renders the strips useless. You can only use iHealth strips. Now I will say that the app worked like a charm before it all went south. I like that the data uploads to the cloud so you never have to write down your numbers, but can chart your progression online. There are so many things to love about the app with the device even though it is not covered by insurance. I switched back to an old school meter and enter my results manually in this app so I can still keekp track, but wanted the consistency of just one meter. I reached out to the company and they said do a reset!? Didn't work. So, it was great while it lasted, but...
Review by JBelt88 on iHealth Gluco-Smart.

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