Still Crazy (good) After All These Years – Code Editor by Panic Review

If you are a web developer wondering if you can do your job on the iPad while on the road, the answer yes and Coda is the way. This is an amazing app and nearly as good as it's Mac counterpart. Syntax Highlighting is solid and reliable (in earlier versions this was an issue). Coda is the only text editor with a good workflow for editing web pages on remote servers and it's SFTP support is phenomenal. I also love the fact that I can support projects complete with multiple files open and terminal and SFTP configuration. Coda supports synchronization with the Mac version of the app and overall it works well with a few minor glitches around key management. There are a few frustrations, mostly involving synchronizing with the Mac version. Occasionally it doesn't notice a file on the server has been updated and I'll end up over-writing changes. Also, as I mentioned above, the Mac doesn't seem to fully support the private keys you add to projects here. I'd also love to see the ability to create a default ssh identity for use across all projects, so I wouldn't have to link to the key in every single project. (Similar to the way you can have a single identity in your .ssh folder on the desktop) Coda is still far above the competition, it's a full on web developer toolkit! Update: Love this app so much I make a point of re-upping my review every version!!
Review by mtb_ogre on Code Editor by Panic.

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