Worth every penny! – Fantastical - Calendar & Tasks Review

I downloaded this app after my old calendar was bought by Microsoft and then shut down, and so far I love it. On each day you have an event, it shows up in the month view as different colored dots, depending on whether it's work, home, etc. Also, the widget that you can turn on lets you see the month view without even opening the app, which is very convenient. I couldn't figure out at first how to use my google account, but it turns out I just had to log into the account through settings and then it'll be imported into Fantastical (don't worry, you can turn off email if you want). Finally, I love the customization options! There are so many changeable things in the settings, which is helpful for someone who likes things in a very particular way. Overall, great app!
Review by AlwaysUsingCalendars2016 on Fantastical - Calendar & Tasks.

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