Immensely satisfying – Playdead's LIMBO Review

My almost 7yo and I have been playing this game intermittently for a couple of weeks now and both had just a tremendous time playing it. The puzzles are really well designed. Just difficult enough but still logical. Not once were we frustrated. Sure we failed plenty of times but you are never kicked back very far and when we finally did solve a difficult puzzle, there was always a sense of accomplishment that is often missing in other, "click around randomly" games. The pride in my son's voice when he figured something out (on many occasions before I did) was priceless. If you have children that like puzzles, check this out. There are some "gruesome" deaths but they're shown in monochrome. IMO it's more than balanced by the sense of wonder and analytical thinking it instills.
Review by UsherMocha on Playdead's LIMBO.

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