Classic and amazing. 99c Cure for Depression!!! – Tiny Wings Review

Still 5 stars 5 years later. This beautiful game is a true classic and worth way more than its price. I am not one for hyperbole but it is a masterpiece. So brilliant in its simplicity that it can be loved as a 30-something (me!) and by a 7 year old (nephew). This is my best iphone purchase. 5 years later, I still feel the drop in my stomach as the bird picks up speed downhill and elation as it takes flight. I hope that the programmer is working on other apps/games. But maybe after this game.. mike drop? So incredible nothing else is needed? My old review is below. This is an amazingly fun and surprisingly therapeutic game... Simple but incredibly well-designed. A little birdy that soars and shouts. It's a great game. Highly highly recommended.
Review by Millanilla on Tiny Wings.

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