Really wanted the GB blade! Lots of freezing.. – Fruit Ninja® Review

It's nice to get new blades, but it took so long to get apples, play one round of GB, then more apples, then more starfruit, etc. All that with limited time. We have other priorities in our lives. ;) Honestly, I'm going back to a different game now that the incentive is gone. I would love to see the dojos and blades that cost money, but I'll never spend money for a game. Major problem still happening: the Zen combo after timer stops challenge doesn't work & hasn't for a while. Lots of freezing with certain ads and when looking for freebies. Hopefully, the new swords, challenges, dojos, etc will keep coming in a fairly timely manner & if dreams could come true, no more having to pay for dojos & swords. Some people might not mind paying for Starfruit or apples...that's fine, but give us free challenges to win new swords & dojos, please. Ty!
Review by WantaSpendPoints on Fruit Ninja®.

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