911- I NEED MORE – Tiny Wings Review

Okay so, hi. I am writing to explain some things about this app. First of all, I'm gonna give reasons I absolutely LOVE it. - it's addicting, a way to pass time when I'm bored. ? - it doesn't require wifi, which is great because often I do not have wifi. ? - everything about it is cute, I fell in love with the birds at first sight. ? - it challenges your mind, to swoop at the right time. ? Now I am going to list some things that need some improving. - Need more birds, I finished all the islands and I want to repeat them, but for a reason. Some colors I recommend are yellow, purple, or light pink. ??? - need more islands! It's either that or get more birds. ? - more purpose. There isn't really a story line, maybe there should be a father. ? Basically that's it, over all I love this app! As a 12 year old girl, I think it's fun and peaceful and good for winding down my temper.
Review by Phoebe Hopi on Tiny Wings.

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