May 19 Update needs an Update – SoundHound - Music Discovery Review

I love SH and have been an avid supporter of the app for many years. With the that said, please hear my plea and cry to fix the bug that showed up with the May 19 , 2016 update. Everything with the exception of the history area seems To work but that bug by itself is enough for me to possibly say enough and move on to another app. When I pull up the history page, I have a red dot next to my profile name prompting me to sign in to the app which I'm already signed in to. When I tap the search button, the app either shuts down or shows me no history at all. After deleting the app and doing a re-install, I still have both issues with the red dot and history but, the app is showing my favorites in the history now. Please fix and update this app and keep me as a loyal supporter.
Review by PilotSkippy on SoundHound - Music Discovery.

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