Turn by turn with some bugs – Ride with GPS - Bike Computer Review

For someone who has no sense of direction this app is wonderful. I go on a lot of group rides with preset routes. The printed directions are usually too small for eyes over 40, so this app fills in nicely. I've used the app for over 1 year now on dozens of rides. Generally, the app does a good job of providing turn by turn directions on its own or when paired with my Wahoo Rflkt. I have had some rides where the app will seem to freeze and no current data is displayed on my Rflkt but it eventually recovers and there is no data loss in the end. I tend to take a lot of pictures while I ride which seems to correlate with some (but not all) of the freezing instances. On today's ride, the app was tracking my speed but it would not display on Rflkt. It is possible that some of the odd behavior is a hardware issue caused by my iPhone 6 getting too warm on long summer rides.
Review by Prairieridge on Ride with GPS - Bike Computer.

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