Simple and Good – DO Button by IFTTT Review

You have a switch for a the light over your dinning table. You flipped it up and the light turns on, you flip it down and the room is dark. There no more to it. There's no making the lamp spin or make it spark rainbow colors. It does an specific task and it depends on you to do it. That simplicity of buttons and switches is taken by DO button. Those specific tasks are called recipes. You choose your channel and select an action under that channel. You can collect as much recipes that you want. All of mine use Google Drive to track time at work, time at chess, time at yoga ( it actually works to create habits). The rest are silly to me: Post your location, tell your friend that you are thinking about him, etc. I guess you would enjoy it more if you posses the hue lights, the nest thermometer, or anything of the new technology. But I like it. I mean that is all that I want... My only complain is that when you press the button to once the screen fills with blue and there's the chechmark and when you press it again the same thing happens. And if you have more than one buttons have been pressed you easily forget and then you scratch your head because you don't know if you are starting or stopping the stopwatch.
Review by Matcasr on DO Button by IFTTT.

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