Sincerely Disappointed – Year Walk Review

I wanted to love this game, especially with all the reviews, I am such a big fan of games with depth and story and that immerse you into their world. This game was quite...dare I say pretentious? It alludes to having this intriguing, mysterious backstory where another app is needed to understand it, but I found nothing new, surprising or moving about it. It was extremely simple, the appearance of the different characters were so vague and relying on a previous understanding of them, which was never shocking or "woah, no way, this guy?" and then they would present a weird simple puzzle. I liked the concept of needing a backstory but I just feel that this game had a lot of potential and took advantage of none of it. I felt too disconnected to the game and the character because of lack of story, experiences within the game, and dialogue. While an interesting concept I felt it lacked what games like Undertale, FranBow, Life is Strange, (even Broken Age...hell, even Gone Home, that has no people in it), etc. offer to the table--a story and a connection with the game world and character. I personally feel these are the most important qualities of a great game experience. So, unfortunately I do regret buying the game and don't feel that I gained anything from it. PS. I loved Device 6 though ;)
Review by deece119311 on Year Walk.

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