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Zzzup - Morning Alarm + Funny Photos

Zzzup sends you amusing photos every morning just to have you waking up in glee. All you have to do is set the time you want these humourous bits sent to you. All in the name of starting each other’s day on a delightful note.
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You can crack your friends up with content you’ve made as well. Think of the things you want your friends to see first thing in the morning!
That unglam sleepy selfie?
Your cute little puppy?
Your OOTD?
Or simply throwback photos of holiday scenery?

Just create and send! With our unique 2-photo system, you'll get plenty of room to be creative about the content you send to your friends and have them feeling thankful you’re always just a zzzup away!

Came up with hearty content? Sure, send it to us and we’ll wake the world up for you!

*Unique 2-photo content
*Facebook signup/login
*Hilarious, Engaging, Entertaining, Simple
*New content every single day
*Wake your friends up
*Daily weather information

New Features:
*Bugs fixes
*Mispelling fixes

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