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Zombie Escape: Angry Mob Massacre

You're the zombie, and the angry mob wants your head!
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Games Free Hammer Solutions, LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

In this action packed thrill ride you must jump, climb, and race your way to the top of an apartment building to escape the angry mob who wants to tear you apart!

Avoid the TV throwing muscleman, the dynamite blasting veteran, and the baseball bat wielding citizen long enough to get to the top of the building!

Along the way, collect coins for each stage and spend them on new characters, power ups, and mad skillz!

**** Zack Zombie ****
The first of the infected, you witness Zack's gruesome transformation to a zombie and begin by guiding Zack to the tops of the rooftops!

**** Devin Demonized ****
Play as Devin, a mutated hulking, raging Zombie Demon! Devin fears no human as he cannot be hurt by their bats, saws, or other instruments. Play as Devin and no longer be killed by human attackers!

**** Cyrus Cyborg ****
Play as Cyrus, the laboratory experiment gone haywire. Scientists tried to make an answer to the Zombie Apocolypse, but now he's haywire and on the loose! Play as Cyrus and run through all the hurdles, but still beware the human attackers.

****Sheena Shedevil ****
Play as Sheena, the too hot to touch Shedevil Zombie and avoid your attackers while you climb to safety!

Crazy Cool Powerups!
- Experience the "Zombie Haze" which shields you from death!
- Try out the Undead Boost which powers you through your enemies!
- Sample the spatter of BLOOD MODE!
- Many More!

Don't wait to try it all today - download and play right now! What are you waiting for?


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