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Zombie Blast Crew is free iOS app published by Vivid Games S.A.

This game is Fun


I played It and I am in lvl 4 right Now And It’s Super Fun This game reminds Me a Game that I use to play It’s Call Sas4 It’s good but they stop updating the game and killed it Now it Dead. So I when to find a game like that and I found this game it’s Just like it I love it !!!!!!! I hope U guys Keep Adding New Suff To the game. Keep on The Great Work.

Best this week


Best game this week. Good walkthrough and game play


M. Salvati

Game is fun.

So much fun!



Space Pioneer with zombies


The game is a straight carbon copy of they’re other game, however it’s in its infant stages. Space pioneer started off the same way, very barebones, but has since evolved into a great game. Concerning parts of this game were concerning in Space pioneer as well, lack of content and lack of ways to get free stuff. What made SP so great is that the majority of the best weapons in the game were locked behind achievements, all of which obtainable by just playing the game. There is no such thing implemented into this game, yet. But as I said SP started off the same way, so it gets 5* from me. If you’re into zombies and enjoy playing games as they develop, this is the game for you. If you enjoy aliens and space and a more complete experience from the get go, go play Space Pioneers. Both would be redundant as they are identical games with different aesthetics. But definitely play one of them, they are amazing


General Ty8U

Hahaha nice try. Re-skin of the already dead space pioneer. Hahaha.

Can’t play


Won’t let me connect to the server

Get it while it’s hot


So far I love it. Great gameplay, ray trace graphics and great audio

This game will eventually get boring but it’s good


The game Will. Get boring eventually but it’s good

It won’t let me progress


The game forced me to look at the event screen and is just loading infinitely. Don’t force people to look at your game features.

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