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Soldier, your city is in danger! Waves of zombies are coming! They are strong, fast and hungry for brains! It's time to equip your strongest weapon to fight them! Endless zombies are coming, are you going to give up?

- Touch screen and move your finger to shoot arrows.
- Drag and drop special attacks.
- Increase your Attack to cause more damage to zombies.
- Increase Speed to shoot faster.
- Power Attack skill could repel zombies.
- Critical Hit skill could cause double damage to zombies.
- Unlock more weapons as you enter later stages.
- Upgrade Wall Defense to increase your life point.
- Upgrade Research Center to increase Energy point, which is used to cast special attack.


Game doesn't work

Downloads, opens, then glitches and won't work.

Can't load game

I'm using a iPhone 5s. And my game will not open up. What do I do?


Game won't work will load then the screen turns side ways and has white bar can't do anything help anyone 5 star when I can get on

Iphone 5 needs fixed.

I recently upgraded from an iphone 4 to a 5 and loved playing this game. It past so much time. But now that I have a 5 it wk t load right and go to a horizontal view. Please fix this glitch so I may continue to play and enjoy!!

Only half of the screen shows

When i open it,it only shows half of the screen,tje other half is white???????? Please help!!!


Zombiebattle is not working please fix the problem

Screen ios7.4

Screen turns and the orientation wont work

Was a good game until...
Pretty Violet

Every since I updated my iPhone my son and I haven't been able to play the game. It seems to be stuck in some weird limbo position. The screen has been pushed up to the top of the phone and there is no play button. I keep deleting it in hopes of resetting but nothing works.


Good app, but not compatible with iOS 7

cant use on ios 7

i try to play this game on my iphone 5 but it wont let let me so i hope the creators can fix this problem

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