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YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream is free iOS app published by Google LLC






There are too much AD

Globalist scum!

USA power of the people

You think blocking views and shutting down channels is going to suppress our freedom of speech?! There are many other platforms out there to to voice and listen to the voices that will make this country great. You just proved what side you are on. Bye YouTube, you leftist communist scum! Can’t wait for your stocks to tank with a the other fake news media



Still just an ads and clickbait dumpster fire supposedly targeting you based on your viewing habits. But you begin to realize how nonsensical that is.



Yes I really enjoy



Sin duda alguna lo mejor en música y videos. (JOKERSAD)

Add to playlist


Don't know exactly why they added an automatic playlist choice, but the button is now broken because it adds to "watch later" as default. So. Annoying.

Could be better?


There are times where it says no connection but every other device has connection, youtube on the computer is 17million stars i ❤️❤️ it!!! But only one thing is the wifi check... and another thing is all the videos i have on the home that are like related i really just want ones im subscribed too!!

Great resource


Whether I need tips on how to do something I haven’t done before, looking for visuals and advice on what destinations I may want to visit, or catching up on my favorite vlogs... YouTube has truly enriched my life for the better! Great resources and great entertainment.

Censorship is intolerable.


Youtube needs to stop censoring political speech, and criticism of Youtube. This is evil, Google. You are being evil.