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YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream is free iOS app published by Google LLC

Little problem

Circus Baby789

Youtube is doing good today However I rant into a little problem I uploaded a video but then it said (Video Unavailable) I tried uploading a different video and it said the same thing



Every video I’m trying to upload it always says unavailable. Please fix this problem. ?



It won’t let my download the app

Love it! ?


I’m a kid, so I don’t care no bugs bug me

Sub to pewdiepie



Coolest app


#best app

I like it


It is so good it does good and every one loves it


shoreh c f

Thank you for creating such channel that allows the world enjoy seeing things and learning things that otherwise would have been impossible, shame on governments such as Iran which band such terrific site / channel Thanks again


Tuffy boy

Great tool.

good but !

Moonlight nasa

i wish there’s a option to delete videos i’ve seen as ( mark them all , mark many videos) rather than to delete one by one