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YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream is free iOS app published by Google LLC

Ummm plz read


Soooo i deleted on accident and now I can’t redownload it plz Help me with that

I love YouTube so much



The best app

have this app

I love YouTube you can fined everything you need. So far I found everything I need. Go download this app 10/10.

Yummu like a oeepeee





I love this app but whenever I updated it all the things I watch signed out just goes away. Whyyyyyyyyy!!!!! I need answers

Bad suggestions


The same stupid mobile games commercials that I will never play , and it prevents several videos from being shown or suggested, I have to search the actual names of the videos sometimes to find them . And the commercial amounts sometimes every minute ridiculous they just want you to pay so they annoy you hoping you will pay to not see them , it is sick

Love this app


I travel on the road a lot for work and I sometimes don’t get good WIFI but this app never lets me down

no playback speed controls! not enough time to watch. you are killing viewership!


no playback speed controls! people do not enough time to watch most videos. Fire whoever made this choice and let them know ‘you are killing viewership!’ switching to twitch or other

Uploading long videos doesn’t work.

Aiden beazley

YouTube. Fix the “Upload failed. Asset not readable". ITS SOOOOOOOOOOO ANNOYING TO UPLOAD VIDEOS. Please fix this.

Notifications for shorts

V3nus 17

I have all notifications on for people whose videos I want notifications for, but why aren’t there notifications for shorts? I miss some of my favorite people’s videos because of that. As long as y’all have had shorts around, y’all still haven’t fixed the notifications for that. ?