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LOVE IT!! I haven’t had any problems or anything with the app. I absolutely love the secret notes feature and it’s really fun! Great job with this app!


When ever i write a secret note and post it and I decide to delete it, it doesn’t delete it just keeps coming back or multiplying

sad face

it don’t work for me :(

private message
Girl it's me? Ash

my private messages won’t show up fix it now bc someone texted me from a group i’m not in and i can’t see it now sooooo

Do better

I like the update of course but y’all need to put a filter between the message we actually received and messages from secret it’s so hard finding what I’m looking for with the secret messages keeps over flowing.


This app is ok but nobody text me


I’ve been using yolo for a long time. On Snapchat it’s fun and entertaining.

Can’t see the messages

I’ve never really had a problem with yolo up until now where I can’t see the anonymous messages. I get the notifications about the app but when I go in the app to see them it doesn’t show and takes hours to show. Please fix this

Can’t see the people I private message

The app is good but when I private text some one it doesn’t show them like it use to y’all need to bring that back

butt-queeks ?

Not receiving all my yolos. “Unlock secret note” was the worst thing this app could’ve done.