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Top-ranked Yelp for your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch has over 70 million reviews on businesses worldwide! Whether you are looking for a pizzeria that is open now or a coffee shop nearby, Yelp is your local guide to finding just the place to eat, shop, drink, relax, and play.
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• Discover great local businesses.
• Search for nearby restaurants, shops, and services.
• Filter search results by neighborhood, distance, rating, price, and what’s open now.
• Read millions of reviews written by a community of active, expert locals.
• Get to know a business through beautiful photos.
• Find great Deals offered by your favorite local businesses.
• Look up addresses and phone numbers, call a business, or make reservations directly from the app.
• Write reviews, check-in to businesses, upload photos, and add tips of your own!


One-star, as I like it.
Kyrie City

There is a greasy pizza place next door that nobody orders from unless they’re very drunk.

Solid app with fair opinions and ratings

As a career restaurant manager and overall celebrator of all things food, I am very grateful for yelp. It has given me opportunities to try things and place I otherwise might have never discovered. This is an excellent platform to help people expand their experiences in both the foodie realm and many other areas of life. As a restaurant manager, this app has helped me improve awareness of the brands I have promoted and improve my business as whole.

Love this app!

I always rely on Yelp to help me locate great places I’ve yet to discover! Reviews are huge when it comes to deciding where I want to visit, sleep, eat and just overall have a great time and the people on Yelp have never steered me wrong!

Nails and pedicure

First time they did a great good... never saw them sanitize anything. Second time going the nails where crooked and polish was thick... just don’t go there...

Thanks Yelp!

Yelp has been so helpful in help to find places to enjoy meals! We have moved quite a bit and Yelp has helped connect us in each state that we’ve lived in.

One star is generous

My issues are more with the company than the app itself. As a bar manager, I was getting weekly calls from Yelp trying to get us to buy advertising. I repeatedly told them we were not interested and to stop calling. They continued to call and some calls were threatening in nature, implying that if we did not advertise, our ratings could slip. Sure enough, we saw MANY five star ratings head straight to the “not recommended reviews” section, where they were not featured not could they affect our ratings. However, fake and false reviews were kept. Imagine kicking out or cutting off an overserved customer, only for them to leave false, spiteful reviews. Several examples include a woman who, after she angrily confronted a vet with his PTSD service dog, was asked to leave; a man caught vandalizing bar property and banned from returning; a couple who came into our 21+ establishment with a BABY and were asked to leave three times before complying; a drunk woman who, when refused further service, refused to pay, broke a glass, and threw things at the bartender. Yelp is an outlet for whining piss babies who cannot be responsible for their actions and want someone to blame when the customer is no longer right- an outlet for when Karen gets shut down by the manager. Yelp is harmful to small, local businesses who cannot afford advertising.

I use Yelp for everything
Ma Nii

Love the honesty

I have a request

I enjoy using the app. Works well for what I need. However, in map mode, please make it possible to hide the listings on the left, so the map fills the whole screen. Thanks.

This Location and these guys are totally awesome

After using this place for my two boys having difficulties with there Game machines and other Devices had to try them out myself for my old Playstation three which was on the brink of death, they fixed it and brought it back to life and it runs like a new Machine, Thanks gadget guru.


This place is amazing they friendly, prices are great.

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