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Year Walk is paid iOS app published by Simogo AB

Does not work on iPad 12.9 inch.

Birding Man!

Purchased after hearing great things, but can't get past the title screen. I may have to ask for a refund.

Worth $.99


A really immersive game, but I'm glad I found it for $.99 because it's not long enough to pay more than that. I was definitely left wanting more.

Game has fixed orientation


I use the Logitech slim combo, which orients the iPad with the home button on the right side. When this game starts, it does not automatically orient itself. Instead, everything is upside down.

Incredible yet Short-lived Experience


Boasting hauntingly gorgeous imagery and truly grim implications in regards to its lore, Year Walk has a lot going for it. This is one of those games that will encourage you to take down notes to solve puzzles as you immerse yourself in this bizarre environment...and it truly works. The monsters you encounter are delightfully nightmarish and the variety of puzzles often require you to use multiple senses, including sounds. Additionally, once the optional Companion app is utilized to continue your experience, get ready to explore how far the rabbit hole truly goes. However, that's where the experience suddenly comes to a surprising and disappointing halt. After diving into the lore and implications of Year Walk and its companion, you expect the game to truly open up with a more satisfying conclusion. Instead the "true" ending seems like it was an afterthought; like time ran out or a budget had reached its peak and the developers had to stop its story before it could truly be finished. This is a shame since, up till the end of the game, I was completely invested. I wrote pages of notes detailing different characters, objects, puzzles, and locations. In fact, there are websites online with the intention on expanding on the lore like an ARG. In the end, Year Walk is a truly one of a kind experience; one that I truly won't forget. With a simple story and mysterious creatures, if has the elements of a masterpiece. Had it not been for a lackluster conclusion, I would give this my highest recommendation.

Amazing game


This is an amazing game. I did not follow any walk through prior to playing it and found the puzzles just hard enough. The game play is impressive and the story creepy. It was a fun hour or so of game time. If I did have a complaint, though, it would be that I felt somewhat disappointed by the "true" ending. I was just expecting it to add a little more to the story, and without it, it felt like it wasn't worth the extra time I spent hunting down the clues.

Freezes on launch


Year walk freezes on launch (black screen) on my 9.7” iPad Pro. Devs please fix.



This game was absolutely fantastic! The true ending was great, I almost want a second game. No, I DO want a second game, or another one like this.



This game is very well put together. It’s creepy in just the right way! I loved the story and the puzzles. Will definitely look for more from this developer!

0 for 3


Third title of there’s that won’t play on my iPad Pro with O’s 11.02

The story behind the game was interesting

rain walk

The true story behind what the creator wanted to base it off of was very interesting as it had a historical background. The effects were amazing and I loved how the world was represented. I do hope there was a third ending though that satisfied me more, and didn't leave me feeling a little empty. I also wished that the game itself was a little longer because I absolutely loved the puzzles in this game! Looking forward to future games!!