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YARN for Messenger - TV & movie clips by quote

Yarn for Messenger helps you find and share video clips inside Facebook Messenger!
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• Find the exact part of a movie or tv show that matches what you want to say and its related clips. We're your perfect quick response!

• See what others are searching, discovering and sharing.

• Surprise yourself by finding interesting video clips through our unique discovery engine.

• Find clips that match those emojis you love that express exactly how you feel.

Questions? Comments or back-pats? Send us your thoughts and clip discoveries with Yarn.
Visit getyarn.io for more info or email us at [email protected]


Great ! Short clips, quick to view and fast to share

Wow - cool app. I could find exact clips by quotes right away. These are small clips (maybe a max of 5 seconds?), so I doubt they use much bandwidth and they seem to send faster than Giphy. Lots of movies, decent amount of music… maybe could be more TV shows, but I found some classic funny ones.

Who chose these clips

The clips are all way too short, they cut off really fast. The app is pretty buggy as well.

Post modern perfection

The clips are short and pithy. Perfect. This makes it easy to find the origins of all of your favorite expressions. Way say something yourself when it was already probably said better? Now you can find it!

video emojis

Let's you add video clips of tv and movie quotes to your chats with a simple search. Love it!


Sending clips instead of emojis or gifs is a blast :)

Love this!

So much more fun sending video clips of my favorite movies and shows. Be careful, it's addictive (in a good way).


I wish I could save the clips 😄

I strictly communicate with video now

Bueller. Bueller.


Amazing for when you want to look for a quick quote. A few cut off early, but other than that... AWESOME!!

A neat messenger plugin

This is a super neat messenger plugin. Thanks'