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Yandex Music and Podcasts is free iOS app published by Yandex, LLC



Add “like that song” button on lockscreen.

3D Touch menu as in Radio please

Max Sha

I’d love to use this app for all my music adventures, but it really lacks an opportunity to quickly start a favorite radio station!

не практично


Хотел перейти на яндекс муз. , не могу оплатить, потому что в сша

Can’t subscribe in USA Не могу зарегестрироваться в Америке


When this app would be a wail able in USA? Когда можно будет зарегестрироваться в США? Спасибо.

A few annoying bugs

Mr. Foval

When sharing a song with family and friends via text message it sends the whole playlist and makes it difficult for them to know which song. Also, shuffle feature still constantly favors some songs over others.

Doesnt work in georgia


Pleaseeee:) georgian credit and debit cards are not accepted by yandex music. Make this happen. Overall great app!

Fantastic Service


I have tried all sorts of streaming services, from Tidal to Apple Music, Pandora Premium, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, even Xiami, QQ and AWA. Yandex Music is consistently at the top. Great interface (plus a dark mode, which is very nice) and a huge selection of albums. There are also fewer holes in the library compared to most. Yandex has more obscure albums that services like Tidal and (especially) Pandora are missing. Plus Yandex Music has a web player (some others don’t). Yandex also services the app regularly, so that’s just icing on the cake knowing they are really active. The only thing I will say could be improved is that I wish the artist view didn’t default to “last added” but rather “alphabetically.” I’m glad you can change it though. Strangely, on the Android app, you can’t change it to alphabetical (it’s only “last added”). All in all fantastic work from Yandex.

Suggestions are perfect


This is what is missing in Apple Music: good suggestions of other songs you may like. Wish the radio was available in app too, not just on web page.

Quick, good music


I love it. Works quick. Good music collection and suggestions. Recommended!

Good program, music in HQ quality 👍🏻


Cool program, I like it 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻