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Yandex Music and Podcasts is free iOS app published by Yandex, LLC

Feature please!

Captain Artem

Ребята, пожалуйста, добавьте возможность использовать приложение в режиме многозадачности на iPad (сразу несколько приложений на экране). Особенно нужно floating window (его можно смахнуть в правую часть экрана и достать оттуда в любой момент). Спасибо

Getting better


Upgraded my 3 to 4 stars, still needs to improve music matching to specific artist (station) or style, but getting better, also I like the new feature “playlist by Alice”, good idea, just keep improving

With VPN works anywhere


I love this app. The best music app ever ! And if you have issues with making it to work anywhere else outside Russia, or Belarus, get VPN and set it in Russia.

Doesn’t work in US


Sooo, this is pretty straightforward. It doesn’t work in the US. When will it be able to work? I really hope to be able to use it soon. Thanks.

The best app after apple music

Parviz Abdusamadov

Apple music crashes after you change apple id in your phone. Hated it to download all songs again. The best app

Wish it would work in the US..

louis brickner

I love the app, and wish I could subscribe, but the app is not available in the US!! Please make it available soon!

Steals money?


I’ve tried to unsubscribe from everywhere: iPhone, the app itself, my Yandex account. This trash doesn’t recognize that and still says that it will charge me on Oct 25th. Thanks!

Не хватает функции работы окно в окне


Не хватает функции работы окно в окне для параллельной работы в нескольких программах

App keeps shutting down when phone is off


I’m on paid version and recently music stops whenever I shut the phone down, pls fix ASAP.