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Yabb Messenger is a free calling and text messaging service that keeps you in touch with your friends and family. Now you can call text, send pictures, voice messages and videos from anywhere for free!
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You no longer need to pay to call, text, chat, send pictures or emoticons to your friends and family. Yabb Messenger lets you call, text and share over 3G, 4G and even Wi-Fi, all for free. Join the worldwide Yabb network to connect and share with those who matter.

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* Call your friends anywhere in the world for free!

* Send pictures, maps, voice messages, emoticons, animations, stickers, texts and Youtube videos

* Tons of emoticons and animations to share with friends and family

* Auto-sync your contacts to see which friends are already on Yabb

* Add who ever you like to Yabb through Facebook, email or SMS right from the app

* Earn points when you invite a friend to join Yabb via Facebook

* Customize your chat background with your own photo background

* Edit the photos you share with multiple filters and effects

* Send voice messages

* Group Chat - Chat to more than one person at a time

Yabb offers unique features that give you new ways to send messages, texts, pictures and videos with your friends and family!

* Send a “Shout Out!” to an unlimited number of Yabb Users. Unlike a group chat or text, recipients of your message can’t see others you sent the same message to and can only reply to you.

* Youtube features let you search for and send a Youtube video within the app

* “Whisper” feature lets you send texts, photos, videos, maps and voice messages that disappear a few seconds after they’re received. While Snapchat lets you send only photos, Whisper let’s you send anything!

*Share your locations and maps with other Yabbers

* Share contacts with other Yabbers

* Unlimited number of chat groups let all members of the group chat, share photos and text other members of the group in real time. Up to 100 people in each group.

*Edit the group chat admins that change the icon/name of the group

* Change the status of the group chat even after it’s created (public/private)

* Status notifications let your friends know what you’re up to

* Push notifications make sure that you never miss a picture, emoticon or text from your friends

* Like photos and text messages

* Reply to messages with history so that the recipient knows which message you are replying to. Very useful for large groups chats!

* Tired of the blue Yabb interface? Change the color of the Yabb interface with a few clicks.

* Bored and no one to talk to? Yabb let's you find fellow Yabbers that are nearby for you to talk to.

With plenty of unique features and users all around the world, Yabb Messenger is the best way to socialize, regardless of where you are. Quit paying just to chat with friends. Download Yabb Messenger and start Yabbing today!

For questions or comments about the free messaging app Yabb Messenger, contact us at: http://www.yabb.com/contact-us

To learn more about the free messaging service, Yabb Messenger, visit us at: http://www.yabb.com


Nice app yabb mesanger
Zuke luis

I can talk and chat together with my friend easy. Fast to load data too. Nice app

Superb cool app

Greta app for hangout and kill the time

Good app

Ive just downloaded this app and went to use it but before to use it asked me to verify my local phone no but I'm sad that my country isn't supported yet!😝😝😝

Great app!

Love the whisper mode!

Text messaging with this app is so fun

It allows you to send pictures, maps and locations too! So if your friends want to have coffee with you, just send them a map to where you are

I love wifi calling feature

I prefer making calls to texting and I love that this app has a wifi calling feature plus a text messaging feature if you're a texter

Save your credits, call and text for free

Love that I can practically save my credits and just use this app to call and text my friends with its text messaging plus wifi calling feature

Love the delete feature

This text messaging plus wifi calling app also has a "whisper" feature which allows you to send texts, pictures, videos, maps and locations and then it disappears for a while, like Snapchat!

Text messaging abroad

I went on a Holiday to Asia but downloaded this app just before I left, it allowed me to keep texting with my friends and family plus it also has a wifi calling feature which was awesome!

Best Text messaging app!

Love this app! I'm able to send texts over wifi without consuming my credits! plus it also has wifi calling so cool!