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••• Requires xScope 4 available from the Mac App Store •••
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Productivity $1.99 The Iconfactory iPhone, iPad, iPod

xScope Mirror lets designers and developers effortlessly preview any Mac desktop image directly on your iOS device or Apple Watch.

Unlike other preview apps, xScope Mirror doesn’t have any desktop chrome to get in your way while you work or require you to save files again and again. Simply launch xScope Mirror on iOS and then xScope on a Mac to begin. Confirm the connection on iOS and then drop an image file onto the Dock icon for xScope.

A remote connection to Photoshop is also supported: this lets you preview changes in your PSD while you edit. The Mirror can also display any window on your Mac or images copied to the clipboard.

Finally, any image that's displayed on the iOS device can be transferred to the Apple Watch by tapping on its screen. Layouts that are taller than the watch's screen are scrollable. Any file that matches the icon sizes for the Apple Watch will be presented with circular mask against a black background, allowing quick asset previews.

Features include:

• Remote Viewing – Easily view the contents of any Mac desktop window on your iOS device or Apple Watch
• Apple Watch – Includes a watch extension that makes previewing on your wrist a snap!
• Pin & Lock – Move the Mac window anywhere (even under other windows) & it always stays in focus on iOS
• Chromeless UI – No overlaid chrome to get in the way while you work
• Retina Scaling - Preview mirrored content 3:1, 2:1, 1:1, 1:2 or 1:3, great for testing on Retina devices
• Compatibility – Runs on all devices using iOS 5 or later
• Security – Toggle user authentication requests on/off via Preferences in the xScope desktop app
• Multi-client – Multiple iOS devices can connect and view the same Mac window – Great for demos or meetings
• Sharing – Copy the current image to the iOS clipboard or save it in your Photos
• Nudge – Nudge the selected window one pixel at a time (useful on Retina displays)


fantastic - a game changer

Works perfectly. Makes previewing artwork on the iPhone/iPad *as you work* seamless. Thank you Iconfactory!

Changes the way I work

My old mobile UXD workflow was complex. It involved layer comps, Dropbox and cups of tea. xScope Mirror is awesome. It totally streamlines the design process, and let's you see a live view of your work right on your iPhone or iPad. It took me a few minutes to set things up, but it works great for me.

Flaky mirroring

The mirroring feature (the main reason I purchased xScope) is really flaky. It seems hit or miss if my laptop will show up in the app (more often than not, it doesn't). I usually have to reboot either my phone or MacBook and even then it doesn't always work. I followed all the troubleshooting on their website and that still hasn't fixed it. It's nice when it does work, however.

File Mirroring still an issue
Uber NPR Junkie

I am an app designer starring down the barrel of developing for iPad retina. I was excited to see the update that seemed to claim to fix the problem with mirroring via file. But when I tried it out, it still snaps back to mirroring under curser when you save. This only seems to happen on PSD files. With monitor size limitations this really could be a KILLER app and feature if the file mirroring worked better. Please debug/update soon!


I use this tool every day for both Mac and iOS work. It's absolutely indispensable. A must buy for any serious Cocoa developer.

Most useful tool I own.

I can't get over how useful this tool is for designing for iPad applications. I was using an alternative free application for iPad mirroring but it was underwhelming and lacking basic features. xScope is truly magical and makes designing for iDevices amazing. It only gets a 4 star review due to its speed. Thankfully I don't have to interact with the iPad after I get everything set up, but the controls are really unresponsive and I find myself tapping the same thing multiple times for it to recognize my input.

Excellent app for iOS designers

Best app I've seen out there for iOS testing for designers. I use it literally everyday. Highly recommend.

Impossible to connect:-(

I love Xscope. But this app is totally user-unfriendly. I followed all the steps of trouble shooting I found online--preferences, Bluetooth, firewall, bonjour, etc. I finally gave up. It is just impossible to connect! Frustrated!!!


The ability to mirror to an iOS device is a lifesaver. Oh and the other features are awesome, too. Love it, love it, love it.

Hit with ugly stick = 1 star review

Just got an update for this app and all it did was make it uglier with no new interesting features, just like iOS 7. Very disappointed.

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