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Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks is free iOS app published by 6 Wunderkinder GmbH

Refund Me Please

One Drive Super User

I would like a refund since the app is going away forever. Thanks.

Great App !!


Very Helpful

Loved this app! Now it’s sold?!


I have loved this app and recommended it to tons of people! I love that we can make a grocery list, travel plan list, chores list or to watch movie list etc and share it with the whole family on multiple devices as decided my each list. I have lists I share and others I don’t. I had so much info and plans on this app! I opened the app today and it says it is going away May 6, 2020 bc it has joined Microsoft. It won’t let me past that screen to my lists so I can at least take screenshots in case stuff gets messed up or lost. I have lots of things on this app and am frustrated that going away May 6 doesn’t mean I can still access today on March 2!

Big Mistake Removing This App

ING Spectator

MS ToDo just doesn’t match up

Want the same set up as Wunderlist!

Seventy Three yrs old

My husband and I use Wunderlist and we absolutely can’t do without it! We are senior citizens that don’t learn new things very well and are very upset that Microsoft is going to do away with Wunderlist. We have so much of our important information in there that it will take a long time to figure out how to transfer it into a new set up. Makes me want to know why someone would buy it and then discontinue it! I am very disappointed and worried about finding something that will work for us like Wunderlist does ?

Wunderlist #1 fan!


You know, I tried to use the TO DO app that is supposed to replace MY WUNDERLIST. There is no comparison between the ease of use of the wunderlist app and the frustration caused by the TO DO app. Just because the BEST APP EVER was bought by Microsoft, the one app I have told more people than I can name how awesome the WUNDERLIST app is, the one app I have even downloaded on the phones of my friends, one of the few apps I use DAILY, that doesn't mean that it had to be changed to an app that is impossible to use. Why are you trying to "fix" something that was not broken? Microsoft, of all the millions of wunderlist users, why don't you ask them, WAS WUNDERLIST BROKEN? DOES IT NEED TO BE CHANGED? And listen to their response.

Love it


This app is great love it !!! For everything especially when traveling helps me with all my to do thing.

Great program


For keeping lists a wonderful program

Absolutely the best!


Finally an organizer that is actually user friendly! After trying many, this has been the one I have used for years. As a doctor that runs numerous companies, I needed something to keep me on target ....this is it!!! Dr. SC

Needs better sorting


I really like this app, but for me, the sort feature leaves a lot to be desired. First, when a sort method is applied to a list it should sort new tasks into the appropriate place and the user should not have to re-sort with each new item. It should have the ability to sort the completed to dos and the list names also. This would be a time saver for users. On the plus side, I like the sub-lists and the ability to star items of greater importance. The ability to share a list or to keep it private is also very handy.