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Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks is free iOS app published by 6 Wunderkinder GmbH

Best app ever.


I have been using this app for YEARS and I’m finding out today that it’s been sold to Microsoft and they’re just going to get rid of it because of their app. My heart is completely BROKEN. I downloaded the Microsoft app and have tried using it but it’s just simply not the same. Even though I was able to import my data, I don’t love it the way I love Wunderlist. Wunderlist will ALWAYS have a place in my heart. And I pray that Microsoft decides to re think their decision to discontinue this app. May Wunderlist Rest In Peace and never be forgotten❤️. I will forever mourn the loss of Wunderlist.

Shutting down?


I love this app, but apparently, it is shutting down on May 6th, 2020. :(


M icloud

Microsoft return this app to its original developer, we don't want this app to shut down!!! This app is so well equipped for organizing, sharing and scheduling people according to tgeir chores. I rather have this app than y'all's to do's app. Return it please

I will miss Wunderlist


I have used Wunderlist for several years and was disappointed that it’s going away. I transferred my information to the Microsoft app, tried to use it, but it just doesn’t work as well. I will continue to use Wunderlist until May 2020. I’m very disappointed in the Wunderlist creators for selling out.

Perfect except that it’ll be unsupported soon


So why solicit for reviews?

Love Wunderlist—Please don’t kill it!


Best to do list out there. Unfortunately, Microsoft is planning to pull the plug on it and force users to move to its (inferior) todo. So, now I’m looking at TickTick and 2do as possible alternatives. What a shame! Microsoft: if it ain’t broke, please don’t “fix” it!

Cannot sort ‘COMPLETED TO-DOS’


Wonderful app. However, won’t sort completed to-do lists. Sorting alphabetically is very helpful creating grocery lists. Grocery lists have the same purchases made over and over again. If alphabetized, could be more easily found and moved back onto the active list.



I just wish there was a way I could only be notified about my tasks - if there is a way that I couldn’t find, I’m sorry! Hahah

Thanks for all these years. Wish this doesn’t have to be killed


Before it’s too late. Thanks for all these years. Still the best productivity apps hands down. Sad this is going away and Microsoft todo never truly copied even close to what this does especially on things like quick add windows and global shortcuts.

I love this app


I don’t know how long I’ve been using this app but I do know it is very helpful to me. I keep my grocery list on it and both my wife and I update it all the time. Then when we go to the store we get what we need. I also get regular updates for my daily events. It tells me when I need to do things like put out the recycling which is every other week. And it reminds me when I need to put out the trash. It is a great app for the lists it can hold and the updates that are shared between our phones. I gave it 5 stars but it should be 10. Try it, it will be very helpful to you.