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Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks is free iOS app published by 6 Wunderkinder GmbH

Love...love...love this app!!


OMG!! I’m devastated that this will now be Microsoft ?? I have tried to set up the new app..unsuccessful. It was virtually impossible. I will “NOT” use the Microsoft app. The Wunderlist app is amazing and very useful in sooooo many ways. I pray ?????? Wunderlist will rethink their decision. NOT HAPPY??

Microsoft just had to fix what wasn’t broken


Alright, I went over to To Do, sensing the inevitable, and for a month or two it seemed ok. Today I went to check my grocery list, and the app took me directly to the My Day list. I tried my Costco list, same thing. I tried a non-shared list, and guess where it sent me? My Day. I sent a request for support to Microsoft, but I’m not holding my breath. I guess I’ll stick with Wunderlist for as long as it’s viable, but it looks like it’s time to look for another app. Ordinarily I’d give Wunderlist five stars, but they sold out and screwed us all.

Boo on Microsoft

bye bye Wunderlist

I have been using Wunderlist for 10 years. I’m very sorry to see Microsoft take it over and turn it into something else. Boo!

Share lists


The best part about this app is that I can share lists with other people. Currently I only have shopping lists, but can see where it would transfer to many other things. I add something to the list, everyone I share with can see what’s on the list and the next time any of us are at the store we can pick it up, mark it as done, and it’s removed from everyone’s lists. So easy!!

So bummed you sold out


I have been using Wunderlist for several years and absolutely LOVE it!!!!! I am so bummed you sold out to Microsoft. It is already not as good, even though I imported all my lists over. ???

Holy Grail of all To do lists

Spirit Tual

This is by far my favorite app- from the layout and design to the function. I’m so torn that they are discontinuing it ? nothing I’ve found will beat the way Wunderlist works. I hope they decide to keep it around

You are idiots


Why cancel this great app and sell to Microsoft who wouldn't know a productive app if it bit their nose off? Hoping you fail miserably at this.

Leaving??? Cant figure out replacement


Leaving??? Cant figure out replacement You keep directing us to your replacement HOWEVER I can’t sign into the NEW REPLACEMENT!!!! BS

Sad that it’s going away.


The mega-companies run everything now — including your life.

Great product


If you are looking for a simple task and list manager this is perfect. Easy to use, no manual required, and all the features you need to track and manage day to day task and list.