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Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks is free iOS app published by 6 Wunderkinder GmbH

Sad to see this go away

Yuvaraj Srinivas

After searching through tens of apps, I finally narrowed down and installed this app and it has worked really well for me to plan my day/week. Liked this one even more than the others and Microsoft To-Do! May be that explains why the application has been crashing too frequently, with no effort made to fix them. Another good app vanishing from our daily lives!!

Love me some Wunderlist

Fedder Wynne

My realtor turned me onto Wunderlist when I was selling a bunch of my parents’ rental homes. We used it to keep track of items to be done on each property and then gave the various parties access to the lists that pertained to them. I loved it and went to using it for my day job and grocery list too. I haven’t tried the newer version yet but I will give it a whirl when I have a moment to look through it first. If you need lists like I do, this is it! It’s not perfect, but what I find lacking probably fits in the category of personal preference. It’s reliable and versatile...things you normally don’t get on a free app.

Please don’t go away


You’re the best !?

Can’t live without Wunderlist!!


I have Multiple Sclerosis and one of the first problems that I struggled with was writing lists by hand. This was the first & ONLY app that works well for me. I cannot use any that have too much on the page. This app is perfect. I have used it for several years. It syncs between my 2 iPhones & iPad seamlessly. I seriously do not know what I’m going to do without it. I have already tried others that will not work for me. I guess I will keep using it until it stops working at all. ? Thank you.

Great App!


I love this app. Clean interface and easy to use. Helps with all my to dos and reminders.

Best task manager


I use it for everything.

Love Wunderlist

Mary MD

I use it all the time and will be very sad to see it end in May2020

Amazing!! Wife and I share!!


This app is absolutely amazing!! My wife and I share it across all of our devices. We make lists for everything. I recommend this app to people daily!!

I’m so sorry to see this app go in May! ?


I’ve been using Wunderlist for 5+ years now and I just got the notification that Microsoft will be turning it off in May and to start using Microsoft To Do. Very Sad ?

Microsoft your To Do app is not even close to how wonderful Wunderlist is!!!!


I am so in love with and totally dependent on my Wunderlist APP. I have memory issues and totally depend on this app for everything. It’s my brain. I built a list for all the stores I shop at and the products I buy there, password hints, To Do List, New app recommendations to try, new home wishlist, quilt retreat packing list, RV packing list, questions and concerns for doctor appointment, Good places to eat, facts about my dog for vet appointments, RV membership info, road trips taken,Netflix/movies to watch, Books to read and have read, 911 info, medication list, product serial numbers, anything God related (authors, churches to try, tithing opportunities, home remodeling notes, Car info (tire size, dates and description of work). I really love that I can move items from my Costco (products that I buy there) list over to my current shopping list. When purchased I can check it item off and then uncheck them and move them back to the Costco until the next time I need to buy it. I also loved that I was able to print several copies of my New Home Wishlist. I took one into each house and I checked off each item the home had that I really wanted in my new forever home.