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Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks is free iOS app published by 6 Wunderkinder GmbH

Don’t shut down wunderlist


Microsoft to do is not an adequate replacement for wunderlist. Please keep wunderlist going

The best app ever until


They sold. Microsoft To Do is a joke!!!! Bad move.

Please don’t leave.

Travels aBunch

Look your product is waaaay better than anything from Microsoft. I’m going to have to find a different list manager. (Sad face)

Best app and cool name


Can’t believe Microsoft is choosing to keep To Do name instead of Wunderlist. Wunderlist is much more original name, fun and cool. To Do is just regular and boring. Disappointed!

It was good while it lasted


Another app that was good and is now being discontinued on 5/6. Microsoft claims its only a name change but it not the same.

Please don’t leave!


We love Wunderlist! Our family uses this for so many lists. Easy to share. We don’t want Wunderlist to go away!!!!!

I love Wunderlist


I have been using Wunderlist for several months. It has made organizing my life much easier as I prepare for major surgery , while it keeps my daily obligations under control. I love it, mostly because it is so flexible and easy to use. Just recently, I have been receiving notices from Microsoft saying they are buying Wunderlist. Please say this isn’t so. Microsoft is NOT my favorite company and I worry that the app they have advised me to use will be inferior.

Marriage saver


My wife and I use this so often and it’s great.



I’ve been using Wunderlist for several years & love it. I have lists for everything from shopping, my medications, movies to watch. You name it I probably have a list for it. I went through several other similar apps & nothing compares. It’s easy, versatile & very user friendly. I love it. I’m sad because when I tried to download the Microsoft app, it unfortunately doesn’t work on my iPad. I did get it to load on my iPhone 11 but am very disappointed I can’t use on my iPad. That’s the only brand of tech I own & use my iPad for everything. I’ll keep using Wunderlist on my phone but am very sad that it’s not compatible. If you get it rewired for iPad, I’ll be the first to get it. I will give the Microsoft a try but my track record with them isn’t good. That’s why I’m an Apple person 100%. Guess I’ll just have to get over my sadness having to say goodbye from a much used & loved application. ?☔️

Keeps me organized!


I use the app mostly as a form of digital list, and it works great for that need. With the ability to make distinct categories of lists, I never have too many items on one list.